After Care

The Healing Process

Athletic Woman

Healing Reactions

Healing reactions may take place after your massage especially with the deeper treatments this is completely normal showing the massage is working well and your body is responding to the treatment. The important thing to remember is that these reactions are normal, expected and are generally nothing to worry about.

  • Light headed/Dizziness

  • Runny/Stuffed or blocked nose

  • Aching and soreness in the muscles

  • Tired or Sleepy

  • Twitching muscles

  • Heightened emotions

  • Improvement in sleep

  • Vivid dreams

Glasses of Water

For the next 24 hours

  • Drink plenty of water to circulate blood flow into the muscles

  • Rest and relax your muscles, they need time to heal

  • No heavy lifting or strenuous exercise

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal, so your energy is focused on healing your muscles

  • Use heat (hot water bottle/wheat packs) or ice packs for muscle soreness

  • Practice deep breathing exercises from your diagram, this aids the muscles to relax.

Man Doing Pushup

Maintaining your Results

After 24hrs, it’s important to maintain your results, this is achieved by doing the following:
Follow the stretches advised by your massage therapist. This will help maintain the work done on your muscles. If the stretches are not completed the muscles may contract back to the condition of tension, tightness or pain. Stretch as often as possible to keep the muscles toned and healthy.
Allow 2 to 4 days to start excerising again, your muscles will be stronger and healthy within this time frame.

Crossfit Class
Iyengar Yoga Stretch
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Self Maintenance