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Alleviate Therapy and Convid-19 (Coronavirsus)

Updated: Mar 22

Due to a number of cancellations, Alleviate Therapy will be reducing the number of operating days. I will be working a four day week with the possibility of reducing working days even further. This will also reduce the amount of public transport I take in and out of the city reducing infection . I will be looking at closing Fridays if this is not convenient for you please let me know. If I display any signs or symptoms of a cold or fever I will need to close.

  1. There will be a shuffle of appointments I do apologize for this and will try and work around you. If you dont receive an email your appointment will be going ahead as normal.

  2. Online Payments will be refunded to those that cancel their appointments.

  3. Vouchers that expire over the next month will be extended by two months.

4. Should Jacinda Ardens announce a New Zealand Convid-19 Alert level 3, I will be required to close the doors.

5. I will keep you all updated with changes either through blogging on my site or Facebook page.

Please feel free to contact me or reply with any questions you may have.

Nga Mihinui